Registration Fee Policy

Air Cadet Program Partnership

The Air Cadet Program is delivered through a partnership between the Department of National Defence (DND) and the civilian Air Cadet League of Canada (ACL). The civilian provincial partner is the British Columbia Provincial Committee. Every air cadet squadron is required to have a civilian sponsor. 89 (Pacific) RCACS Support Association (SA) is the Squadron Sponsor Committee (SSC) for our squadron.


Your Support Association asks that all parents of 89 Squadron cadets register with us each year so that we have accurate, current contact information to use to communicate with you. For your convenience you can use the Parent/Guardian Information Form ( Click here for Parent Info Form).  Paper forms are also available to be filled out at the squadron office.

 BCPC Assessment Fee to Support Association

There is no cost to the cadet for their uniforms or to participate in the core elements of the Air Cadet Program. However, to cover its expenses the ACL levies a per-cadet annual assessment to the BCPC. In addition to this assessment, BCPC expenses include maintenance and insurance for 12 gliders and 6 tow planes, volunteer liability insurance, BCPC office and administration costs, and legal services retained for the benefit of BCPC and Squadron Sponsoring Committees. BCPC levies an annual assessment of $100 per cadet on each local Squadron Sponsor Committee to meet these expenses.

 Registration Fee

Your Support Association requires parents to pay a registration fee primarily to cover the assessment charged by BCPC, and also to help with the cost of optional training and equipment not covered by DND and our costs in operating the Squadron.


No cadet will be refused registration or excluded from any authorized activity because of his or her parent’s inability to pay this registration fee. Requests for hardship exemption of this fee must be submitted to the SA Chair by the parent/guardian. All communication in this regard will be kept confidential between the parent or guardian and the SA Chair and is covered under the Air Cadet League of Canada’s Privacy policy.

Registration Fee Amount

The 89 (Pacific) Squadron Cadet Registration fee for the 2015/2016 training year is set at $130.00 for one cadet. $100 of this fee is applied to the BCPC Annual Assessment. The remaining $30.00 is applied to membership for one parent in the Sponsor Association and to cover additional costs. The fee for two cadets is $200 and $250 for three cadets.

Parents or Guardians should accompany new and returning cadets to complete the registration process.

Transfer In

If a cadet was previously registered at another squadron during the current training year and he/she paid a registration fee to the other SSC, the registration fee for 89 (Pacific) Squadron will be charged only if the initial registration fee was refunded to the cadet/parent.

Refund Policy

A refund may be requested if the cadet withdraws from the program or transfers out of 89 Squadron with-in 45 days of registering.