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SA Officers’ & Directors’ Duties


President Brian NilesSend email

President Duties
  • Preside at all meetings;
  • Supervise all Society activities;
  • be ex-officio Member of all committees except the Membership and Elections Committee;
  • Call Executive meetings when needed; and,
  • be Chair of the Sponsoring Committee.

Vice-PresidentJanice Novotill

VP Duties
  • Preside at meetings in the absence of the President or at the President’s request;
  • Assume any or all of the duties of the President in the event that the current President should tender resignation or be unable to fulfill the duties of the office.

TreasurerEdward Camilleri

Treasurer Duties
  • Collect monies and pay accounts at the direction of the Executive;
  • Prepare and submit to the Membership a yearly budget;
  • Account for all monies received and paid out on a monthly basis;
  • Submit accounts for an annual financial review and, if required,
  • Submit the accounts for audit;
  • Prepare all financial reports required to be filed.

Deputy Treasurer Jenny Chen

Deputy Treasurer Duties
  • assist the Treasurer in all the above mentioned duties; and,
  • be present at meetings to report to the Executive in the absence of the Treasurer.

The Recording Secretary Megan Klammer

Deputy Treasurer Duties
  • assist the Treasurer in all the above mentioned duties; and,
  • be present at meetings to report to the Executive in the absence of the Treasurer.

The Corresponding Secretary – Andrea Taylor

Corresponding Secretary Duties
  • Conduct the correspondence of the Society, at the direction of the President and the Board.
  • The Immediate Past President – Don Moore

    Immediate Past President Duties
    • Assist and aid the current President and the Board in areas of precedence and general knowledge of protocol and procedure pertaining to the Society and 89 (Pacific) Squadron.

    Capital Assets – Rich Matthews

    Capital Assets Director Duties
    • This Director will be required to maintain an up-to-date record of all capital assets purchased or acquired by the Squadron.
    • Items acquired by the Squadron will have a stock number affixed to identify ownership to 89 (Pacific) R.C.A.C.S.
    • New acquisitions and/or items removed from the records, due to becoming inoperable or too ancient to be of use to the Squadron, will be reported to the Board of Directors, 89 (Pacific) R.C.A.C.S. Support Association at the regular monthly meetings.
    • An inventory check should be conducted once yearly following which and updated hard copy (paper) report should be submitted to the Board.
    • Be prepared to report activities of this directorship at each Board meeting, general meeting and annual general meeting.

    Ways and Means – Vacant

    Ways & Means Duties
    • Solicit, research, evaluate and present fundraising opportunities to the R.C.A.C.S. Board of Directors at the beginning of each Cadet year.
    • This Director is encouraged to seek as many volunteers as possible to serve on a committee to be established to support fundraising activities.
    • Once the Board has voted on fundraising activities to be supported financially by the Board of the R.C.A.C.S., the Director will arrange a meeting with the Commanding Officer to arrange specific calendar dates to utilize Cadet involvement in the success of required fundraising activities.
    • The Director may suggest to the Commanding Officer that a particular Cadet be named to the liaison between the Board and Cadets in expediting the fundraising directions; the liaison should be informed and agree to the anticipated larger load of duty this may encompass, e.g. phone-through arrangements.
    • Fundraisers will likely require working with the 89 (Pacific) R.C.A.C.S. administration staff.
    • The Director will arrange the purchase and payment of materials/goods needed to carry out fundraisers.
      A complete report of financial transactions for each fundraiser is to be supplied to the Treasurer of the R.C.A.C.S. Support Association.
    • All monies collected in the course of conducting any fundraiser is to be supplied to the Treasurer of the R.C.A.C.S. Support Association.
    • Be prepared to report activities of this directorship at each Board meeting, general meeting and annual general meeting.

    Membership and Elections – Sean Kincross

    Membership & Elections
    • Custody of membership records and membership cards.
    • Maintains a sufficient supply of membership cards affixed with the Society’s official seal.
    • Maintain an adequate supply of membership applications, information brochures and renewal forms.
    • Ensure that carded membership numbers remain the same from year to year.
    • Responsible for maintaining up-to-date membership records/totals which would include the date, name, card number, expiry date and fees.
    • Maintain up-to-date records on any donations received.
    • Notify members toward the end of August, yearly, by mail, of renewal dates; a renewal form will be attached to each notification. Prior to processing this mail-out collaborate with the Corresponding Secretary/President to mail a letter of appreciation to all members of the Support Association. To parents/guardians who are not members, mail an information letter that solicits their support.
    • Arrange facilities and assistance to receive new memberships and renewals at the September General meeting.
    • Ensure all persons attending a General meeting or the Annual General meeting sign their name onto an attendance sheet.
    • Attend Cadet parade nights at the beginning of each September and January, to receive membership fees and issue membership cards.
    • Be available for membership inquiries.
    • Whenever possible, promote membership in the Support Association
    • Obtain a receipt from the Treasurer, 89 (Pacific) R.C.A.C.S. Support Association for each membership fee and donation received.
    • Supply updated statistics re: membership totals at each R.C.A.C.S. Board meeting.
    • Organize election committee. This should be started at the October Board Meeting. The first meeting of the nominating committee to be held in early November. The slate of candidate will be presented to the Board at the January meeting.
    • Organize the election of the R.C.A.C.S. Board which includes:
      - working with the Recording Secretary of the Board, a letter of notification is to be sent to all members two weeks before the election day. The letter will include a list of nominees, and advise those contacted that no proxy will be accepted. To be eligible to vote dues must be paid two full weeks prior to the election date. In that period of time no new memberships will be accepted. After the election new members will be acknowledged and welcomed to the Board;
      - Prior to the Annual General Meeting assist the President in recruiting a non-partisan person to Chair the election process;
      - When each election takes place, the Director of Membership and Elections will record paid up members as they arrive, thereby determining eligibility to vote and total number of voters for the election; ballots will be given to those who are registered eligible voters;
      - Recruit other Board members to assist in the election process;
      - Ballots will be prepared on individually coloured papers, each colour will be announced at the election as representing a particular position open for election;
      - ensure that a supply of pencils are available;
      - ensure that a black or white board, or flip chart, is available to post all the names of the executive candidates as the vote is taken for each position; once the executive elections are completed, the nominees for trustees will be noted on the board or flipchart and a vote will be taken;
      - an adequate number of scrutineers are to be arranged for the election process;
      - votes will be counted by arranged volunteers; the results will be announced by the Chair of the election process;
      - the President of the R.C.A.C.S. will temporarily relinquish duties of Chairing the Annual General Meeting and be replaced by the Chairman Pro-tem for the election process.
    • Be prepared to report activities of this directorship at each Board meeting, general meeting and annual general meeting.

    Social Activities – Florence Aryavong

    Social Activites
    • Establish a committee to assist with social events.
    • As directed by the 89 (Pacific) R.C.A.C.S. Support Association Board of Directors, contact committee members for assistance once details are settled for upcoming events, e.g. where, date, time, door prize solicitation, decorations, food sources, etc.
    • Organize a budget, and obtain a float from the Treasurer, to subsidize the purchase of necessary materials/supplies, e.g. napkins, paper plates, plastic utensils, beverages, food items, table cloths, aesthetics (flowers if required for a special event.)
    • Book a room for each event.
    • Organize volunteer staff to set-up decorations (if needed), surface clean are to be used, set out food, and clean up facilities used for each event.
    • Contact Telephone Committee Director when food item donations are being requested from parents, e.g. Annual Review, Christmas party.
    • Contact business for door prizes or food donations when deemed necessary. Ask retailers for a discount, if possible.
    • Arrange for invitations and thank you notes, if required.
    • Prepare a financial report for the Treasurer of the 89 (Pacific) R.C.A.C.S. Support Association following events wherein float funds were utilized. Enclose receipts for purchases.
    • Be prepared to report activities of this directorship at each Board meeting, general meeting and annual general meeting.

    Redress of Grievance – Fraser Campbell

    Redress of Grievance Director Duties
    • To provide an avenue for resolution of difficulties that may arise within the Squadron.
    • Grievances should have been heard through a normal chain of command prior to seeking assistance at this level, e.g. Administration, Commanding Officer.
    • To facilitate and ensure communication between, or among the appropriate parties.
    • In exceptional instances, and at the specific request of the President of the 89 (Pacific) R.C.A.C.S. Support Association, this Director may have to assume a more direct role by investigating a problem and reporting back to the Support Association with an assessment and recommendations.
    • The objective is to achieve problem resolution within the 89 (Pacific) family. In all cases, the work of the Director must respect the regulations and requirements of the Cadet organization.
    • Persons assuming this Directorship must have a real interest in the well being of 89 (Pacific) Squadron and a good understanding of the regulations and guidelines governing the Cadet organization.
    • This Directorship would require the incumbent to have a good knowledge of the Squadron’s membership and activities, and should attend Cadet parades nights on a fairly regular basis.
    • Because of the sensitive nature of this position, the Director must operate “at arms length” from the day-to-day operations and the individual personalities involved, thereby avoiding any appearance of prejudice or of conflict of interest. It is in the best interest of the Squadron if the person assuming the duties of this Directorship have no direct link to the Squadron nor any personal vested interest in the Squadron, e.g. parent/guardian of Cadet in this Squadron.
    • Be prepared to report activities for this directorship at each Board meeting, general meeting and annual general meeting.

    Communications and Public Relations -Vacant

    Communications & Public Relations Duties
    • Establish a point of contact with various media outlets, e.g. Saanich News, Victoria News, Times Colonist, CHEK TV, CFAX 1070         .
    • Coordinate with 89 (Pacific) Squadron administration for release of information on cadets who receive awards, bursaries (Glider or Powered Flight Wings), selection for exchange visits, summer training courses, etc.
    • Assist Cadet Squadron administration by coordinating the use of Mall space for recruitment drives - requires a letter to Air Cadet League Headquarters in Ottawa for confirmation of Insurance coverage.
    • If required/requested, assist Squadron Administration by coordinating visits to Schools by Cadets and Cadet Officers for recruitment and information presentations.
    • Coordinate all planned press/publicity releases with 89 (Pacific) Squadron administration and with Pacific Region Cadets.
    • Become familiar with all awards, bursaries, scholarships, programs, contests and training courses available to Cadets.
    • Receive and disseminate information on the Annual Speaking Competition which is sent by the Air Cadet League of Canada and ensure all rules, regulations and instructions are followed as outlined below:
      - ensure Cadets and parents are aware of the competition; post/distribute notices of the competition;
      - in conjunction with Squadron administration, encourage Cadets to participate in the competition:
      - distribute entry forms;
      - obtain a venue in which the Squadron speak-off can be held;
      - arrange for a public address (PA) system and podium;
      - select someone to host the event;
      - appoint a Master of Ceremonies;
      - find and appoint a panel of three independent judges who have no personal vested interest in the contestants;
      - ensure the judges receive copies of the Official Rules & Regulations;
      - ensure that timekeepers and tellers receive copies of the Rules and Regulations, and that timekeepers are supplies with a stopwatch;
      - ensure that all competitors receive copies of the competition rules and topic list.
    • Assist the Squadron administration to ensure that information on all awards, bursaries, scholarships, contests and training courses, etc., is disseminated to Cadets, parents and Support Association members. Dissemination can be by direct handout, notification in the Squadron Pacific Flyer Newsletter, etc.; and
    • Produce a newsletter, 3 to 4 times within a Cadet year, illustrating news about Squadron activities as well as providing useful and interesting information for Cadets.
    • The Director will need to arrange permission through the Commanding Officer to contact Squadron leaders directly to obtain information/reports for the newsletter.
    • A report/message from the Commanding Officer should be solicited for each newsletter
    • This Director may be called upon to assist Cadets in designing and producing a year book.
    • Be prepared to report activities of this directorship at each Board meeting, general meeting and annual general meeting.

    Archives and History – Margaret Treleaven

    Archives & History Duties
    • Maintain historical records of the 800 Wing R.C.A.C. from 1942
    • Obtain and annotate pictures and write-ups regarding Squadron activities.
    • Research pictures from past Annual Inspections.
    • Report any new findings to the Board of Directors 89 (Pacific) R.C.A.C.S. Support Association at monthly meetings.
    • Be prepared to report activities of this directorship at each Board meeting, general meeting and annual general meeting.

    Canteen – Christine Surridge

    Canteen Director Duties
    • The primary intent of the Canteen operation is to provide a refreshment service to the cadets during their break period.
    • The canteen should not be considered as a money making project. Prices charged allow for a minimum profit; the profit is to be turned into the Support Association Treasurer at the conclusion of the training year.
    • The Canteen Director’s duty is to keep the Canteen supplied with soft drinks, chocolate bars, potato chips and twizzlers, and/or whatever amenities the Cadets might ask for.
    • Post stock has been purchased from either the Real Canadian Wholesale/Superstore or Costco where the prices are considerable lower than retail.
    • As the Armoury janitorial service does not include the Canteen area, Canteen staff must be responsible for its cleanliness including the refrigerator, sinks and counter, etc.
    • Cupboards within the Canteen area are presently shared with the Support Association Social Director, with three shelves reserved for the Canteen operation. Cadets break at 20:15 hours and the Canteen should be prepared for opening at least 30 minutes prior to that time.
    • More Cadets are served during their brief break period if they are asked to have their change at hand and their minds make up as to what they wish to purchase. In addition it is advisable to ask a Staff Officer to assign an N.C.O. to organize the Cadets in line allowing only two Cadets at a time at the Canteen wicket
    • Canteen is required to file an annual report at the conclusion of the Cadet training year showing any profit accrued during the year.
    • The sum of forty dollars ($40.00) is retained at the end of the training year to provide the initial start-up change for the ensuing year.
    • The Canteen Director may request a further float of $250.00 from the Treasurer to purchase sufficient stock to start the next training year.
    • To date the Canteen Director has prepared a Canteen report for each issue of the Pacific Flyer.
    • Be prepared to report activities of this directorship at each Board meeting, general meeting and annual general meeting.

    Telephone Liaison – Florence Aryavong

    Telephone Liaison Director Duties
    • Establish a committee with enough persons to split Cadet phone list in reasonable sections to maintain required contact with parents/guardians regarding Cadet activities as directed by the Board of the R.C.A.C.S. Support Association.
    • Examples of activities would include announcements of General Meetings, the Annual General Meeting, the Annual Review and other special events.
    • Get updated Cadet lists from the 89 (Pacific) R.C.A.C.S. administration staff prior to each phone activity.
    • Get direction from the Board as to what information should be relayed to parent/guardians/contacts.
    • Prepare an organized statement for committee members to use as a script when conducting phone calls.
    • Report to the Board at each monthly meeting as to any relevant feedback about the phone through.
    • Be prepared to report activities of this directorship at each Board meeting, general meeting and annual general meeting.
    Directors at Large

    Rick Firestone
    Fraser Campbell
    Iain Wallace
    Monica Legge