Tag Days

Tag Days are an essential fund-raising tool for an air cadet squadron support association.

Historically, cadets in uniform would stand in front of merchant stores with a slotted tin can requesting a “donation” from patrons. In exchange for this donation, cadets would offer “tags” or “stickers”.

The Air Cadet League of Canada Tag Day Handbook (in .pdf format) is available to view or download by clicking here.

Everyone has their part to play in Tag Days:

  • To ensure the dates of scheduled Tag Days do not conflict with training events that would cause conflicts for number of cadets tagging
  • To allow training time (approximately one hour) prior to Tag Days for NCOs to conduct an orientation for new cadets to show the expected behaviour, the most effective method of approaching patrons and handling harassment
  • To liaise with CO and SSC about attendance at Tag Days
  • To assign NCO in charge of Tag Days
  • To announce Tag Day sign-up for three consecutive weeks
  • To investigate tampering incidents
  • To set an example to Cadets in dress and deportment
  • To ensure sign-up sheets are being completed
  • To copy sign-up sheets for phoning
  • To assign Cpl or Sgt to phone cadets the week prior to Tag Days
  • To teach cadets the expected behaviour and most effective method of approaching patrons ( see Cadet Do's and Don'ts )
  • To instruct cadets about can tampering and staying at location until relieved or picked up
  • To assign cans with numbers for each cadet
  • To assign locations as per assignment sheets (i.e. cadet without uniform assigned with uniformed cadet, AC with NCO or LAC)
    Note: Do not assign two NCOs together or two friends together)
  • To track cadets who did not sign-up or attend Tag Days
  • To tabulate cadet attendance on documents provided by Admin
  • To sign up for two Tag Day shifts
  • To arrive at each shift on time
  • To be dressed in uniform suitable for the weather
    If no uniform, dress in dark slacks, white shirt, tie and jacket appropriate for the weather
  • To behave in a manner as to best represent the Air Cadet program while in public
  • To stay at the assigned location until relieved or picked up (do not leave can unattended)
  • To not tamper, drop or mutilate the Tag Day material
  • To only accept a ride to HQ from an authorized Tag Day driver
  • To support your cadet in this fund-raiser
  • To complete Driver's Log prior to Tag Days and hand in with photocopy of driver's licence
  • To report to Tag Day Headquarters and to assist in driving to and from the assigned tag location
  • To place a “Authorized Tag Day Driver” on car dash to allow cadets to identify drivers
Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC)
  • To ensure Tag Day dates are in training calendar (during August planning meeting)
  • To write each tagging locations for permission and verify hours of operation
  • To fax/write/email Air Cadet League national office in Ottawa to request insurance coverage for each location which requests insurance coverage
  • To solicit locations to use for Tag Day headquarters
  • To call neighbouring Corps or Squadrons to ensure of no Tag Day conflicts
  • To liaise with CO about assigning officers to attend (military/insurance protocol)
  • To place notice of Tag Days in newsletter, send emails and/or post on website
  • Obtain cadet lists for attendance for Tag Day
  • To submit Tag Day sign-up sheet three weeks before Tag Day date to Admin Office
  • To check inventory for supplies (see checklist)
  • Order materials needed
  • To arrange for volunteer drivers
  • To assign committee members to help each tag day (ie: hot chocolate, supervision, etc.)
  • To assign Treasurer or committee member to help count money and do deposit(s)
  • To instruct parents to watch for tampered containers
  • To write thank you letters to tagging locations
  • To ensure reimbursement is made for gas and tag day supplies, etc.
  • To publish results in newsletter, send emails and/or on website