Volunteer Screening Process

Our 89 Air Cadet Squadron depends on people to step forward to be support association (SA) members and volunteers so that the squadron can be successful. Many squadron activities would not take place without members and volunteers who give their time in many ways such as: running the canteen, driving cadets to and from events, publishing a newsletter, coordinating a mess dinner, helping with special events, assisting with summer course selections and promotion interviews, coordinating the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards program, being a web master, a photographer or a media relations representative for the squadron etc.

Anyone who comes into contact with cadets on a regular basis, including support association members and volunteers, must be screened. This is to ensure that they are appropriately selected, initially supervised, well-intended, offer skills which add value and complement the program, and are good role models for air cadets. This applies not only to officers who are carefully selected and screened by the Department of National Defence (DND) but it also applies to all support association board members and other frequent volunteers.

As a support association board member or volunteer you are required to complete the Volunteer Registration and Screening package.  You can begin the process by downloading the forms below.  After all forms have been completed, and returned to the screening coordinator, and you have received your Police Records Check/Vulnerable Sector Screening (PRC/VSS) from the police, you will have an interview with two screened support association members as the final step before the package is sent to the BC Provincial Committee of the Air Cadet League of Canada to complete the process.

The screening package consists of the items listed below.  You are requested to download these files and follow the instructions.  It usually takes a couple of weeks (or more) for the police to complete the PRC/VSS after you turn in the request, so please make it a priority to get the letters completed (including the president’s signature) and turned in to your local police department.

Documents for Volunteers to be Screened

01Society Membership ApplicationDownload, complete, print, bring to Coordinator
02Volunteer Skills Assessment FormDownload, complete, print, bring to Coordinator
03Police Records Check Request LettersDownload file, complete on computer, print
Obtain SA President signature on 1st letter
Take to your police department
Collect completed check from police, give to Coord
04Air Cadet League Cover LetterRead online – download for yourself if you wish
05Screening Application FormDownload, complete, print, bring to Coordinator
06Society Verification FormDownload, complete, print, bring to Coordinator
07Reference Check AddendumDownload, complete, print, bring to Coordinator

Screening Coordinator Documents

01Individual Screening Checklist89 Support Association Screening Individual Checklist
02Candidate Interview Form
03Candidate References Check Form
04Registered Volunteer Transfer NotificationLink to form on BCPC website
05Screening Renewal FormLink to form on BCPC website