CASC Updates


20 Feb           Sponsoring Association approve budget and addition of Virtual Reality Simulator to kickstart new CASC endeavour. Squadron currently own one sim in an enclosure running FSX

2 March        Intel A7 7700 Super computer with Nvidia 1070 graphic cards and Oculus VR headgear arrive. Software chosen is Lockheed Martin Prepared 3D V3.4 because of Oculus compatibility. Oculus is difficult to setup but proves amazing!

13 March       Show and Tell of new equipment to 89 Parents and Volunteers

22 March       Seven senior cadets start CASC training to become instructors

3 April            17 RCAF Blue flight suits acquired from surplus in Manitoba. SA acquire Noon VR headset  to test compatibility. NoonVR headset is cheap, but still is NOT compatible with current flight sim software.

4 April            Two simulators are networked together using non internet connected Router; Cadets can now fly with other aircraft operated by 89 personnel simultaneously. Great for circuit training.

31 May            89 Sqn acquires second Virtual Reality Flight Sim system with Oculus VR headset.