What do parents have to pay?

Parents are requested to pay the 89 (Pacific) RCACS Support Association fee to register with the squadron. The Registration Fee  is set at $140.00 for one cadet. This fee also includes the $10 membership for one parent in the Sponsor Association. The fee for two cadets is $200 and $250 for three cadets.

Why is there a registration fee?

Unfortunately the entire cost of operating an air squadron is not covered by the Department of National Defence. A civilian sponsor is required. In our case this is the Sponsor Association.

Complete information on the registration fee is provided separately in the Registration Fee Policy .

Personal clothing for certain cadet activities.

DND supplies cadets with a full uniform at no cost. The Support Association purchases a cadet’s first name tag (a necessary part of the uniform) additional name tags are the responsibility of the cadet.

The squadron holds weekend survival exercises. Appropriate civilian clothing is acceptable for this. Cadets may want military surplus clothing and equipment. It is the responsibility of the cadet or parent to obtain this at their own expense. A sleeping bag will also be required (may be available on loan from the squadron – DND supplied).

Who supplies the training and training equipment?

Training is provided by the squadron officers, who are all DND personnel. They are supplemented by civilian and volunteer instructors.

DND supplies most of the equipment required for the program. The Support Association supplies funding to purchase additional equipment for the squadron. This money comes from our fund-raising efforts of cadets supported by parent volunteers.

Are there any other costs?

Other than pocket money that may be required when cadets are on a trip there are two or three occasions when cadets are asked for payment.