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If you’re aged 12-18 and interested in joining Air Cadets, then come to the squadron office in the Bay Street Armoury along with your parent or guardian any Monday or Thursday evening after 7pm. and talk to us! We will be glad to talk with you about the cadet program in general and about air cadets in particular. You can also meet and chat with cadets and tour the facilities, perhaps even sit in on a class if you are here on a Monday.

If you decide to join, we will provide you with some forms that will need to be completed.  They are:

  • CF 1158 (Application for Membership)

You will also need to bring:

1. Satisfactory Proof of Your Identity. Prospective cadets must present at least ONE of the following forms of identification.

  • Birth Certificate (preferred)
  • Valid Canadian passport
  • Photo ID card issued by the Canadian government
  • BC ID card (available from BC Drivers’ Centre)
    Note: we recommend that all cadets obtain a BC ID to carry on all cadet activities

2. Your BC Care Card

3. Court documents, if applicable

  • Any access restrictions imposed on a parent or other person
  • Any restrictions, conditions and/or obligations imposed on the applicant (cadet)

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