Frequently Asked Questions

Are you or someone you know thinking of joining Air Cadets? Below are a few of the more common questions we receive from prospective cadet families. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

Cadet Time Commitment

When do the Cadets train?
Mandatory Training Nights Mondays between 18:15 and 21:00 hours (6:15 – 9:00p.m.)

Additional training depends on which optional activities a cadet is involved in. Below are a few examples. These may vary:

  • Drill Team Sunday, mid-day
  • Band Sunday afternoons
  • Biathlon & Range Saturdays
  • Effective Speaking Thursday evenings

Air Cadets are also invited to participate in occasional day trips (gliding and flying) and overnight weekend training (survival exercises, biathlon and the Squadron Live-In).

Will Air Cadet training detract from school?
Not likely.  The instruction is designed to supplement your school studies and education
In fact, high school credits are available to grade 10, 11 and 12 students for completing air cadet training levels 3, 4, and 5 and for summer training courses.
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Parent / Guardian commitments ?
Parental involvement is essential to the squadron’s success. At the very least we would like parents to stop into the Armoury on a regular basis at the end of Monday night training sessions. Check the information board just outside the squadron office. CO’s Parade Nights are excellent nights to do this.

The squadron conducts “Tag Day” fundraisers two weekends per year (November & April) when we need parents to help with driving and chaperoning. We will be contacting all parents by phone & email to schedule a time block as the event draws closer.

Finally, you are encouraged to become a Support Association Member and, if you have the time, lend your unique skills as a member of the Support Association Board of Directors. We are constantly on the lookout for:


Costs & Fees

What do we have to pay?
There is an annual fee of $130 per cadet. Families with more than one cadet receive a discount on the second and third cadets. The fee for two cadets is $200 and $250 for three cadets

This fee includes Support Association membership 
for the first parent/guardian. An additional $10.00 fee is requested of any additional persons wishing to become members of the Support Association. Parental involvement is vital to the success of the programme and your membership is strongly recommended.

These fees are payable, by cheque, to “89 (Pacific) RCACS Support Association” or in cash.

Why do we have to pay this?
The  fee helps offset the rising costs faced by the Air Cadet League, BC Committee for the purchase of new aircraft and aircraft maintenance (tow planes and gliders), insurance, legal fees, trophies, scholarships and other costs necessary to operate this program.

No cadet will be turned away from the programme, nor will their training be affected in any way, if a family is unable to pay the required fees.

Who supplies the training and training equipment?
Training is provided by the squadron officers, who are all DND personnel. They are supplemented by civilian and volunteer instructors. DND also supplies most of the equipment to operate the programs. The Support Association supplies funding, through cadet fundraising activities, to supplement DND training and purchase additional equipment for the squadron.

Where do we get the uniforms from?
DND supplies cadets with a full uniform at no cost, as well as any clothing items that might be required for summer training sessions. Appropriate civilian clothing is acceptable for our fall and spring weekend survival exercises. However, should a Cadet want fatigues or other military surplus type attire and equipment it is the responsibility of the Cadet or parent to obtain this type of gear at their own expense. Cadets are also expected to use their own sleeping bag.

Are there any other costs?
Other than pocket money that may be required when cadets are on a trip there are two or three occasions when cadets are asked for payment, including squadron and personal photo if they wish to have one, and the annual Squadron Mess Dinner. The Support Association asks that cadets pay approximately half of this cost (between $10 and $15).

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