High School Credits For Air Cadets

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High school credits are available to cadets for completing Levels 3, 4, and 5 or for completing 3 or 6 week summer training courses.  See the Squadron Admin Officer to obtain the documentation required

Grade 10
Course Code: 3201002
Course Title: Cadet 10
Complete Air Cadets Level 3, or successfully complete a 3-week Basic Specialty Training Course

Grade 11
Course Code: 3201003
Course Title: External Cadet 11
Complete Air Cadet Level 4, or successfully complete an Advanced Specialty Training Course

Grade 12
Course Code: 3201004
Course Title: External Cadet 12
Air Cadet Level 5, or successfully complete an Advanced Specialty Training Course.
Note: Where a 6-week course has been used for the Cadet 11 credit, the same course may not be used for the Cadet 12 credit.
Air Cadets Level 5: The aim of Proficiency Level 5 is to provide an Air Cadet with the theoretical knowledge and practical experience required to participate in squadron activities and appointments as an activity leader.

Credit for Transport Canada Pilot Licences

Cadets who obtain Transport Canada Pilot Licences also qualify for high school credits.

Grade 11
Course Code: 4901004
Course Title: Canadian Private Pilot’s Licence 11
Report credit for … Pilot License – Glider.

Grade 12
Course Code: 4901005
Course Title: Canadian Private Pilot’s Licence 12
Report credit for … Private Pilot License – Aeroplane.